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Gold Chiavari Chairs
Professional Event Up-Lighting
Light Pattern Projection
Monogram Design Projection
Photo Montage Production
LED Lighted Dance Floor
Music Videos
CO2 Dance Floor Blasts!
Crystal Backdrop
Time-Lapse Event Recording
String Lighting
Decorative LED Pillars

About Double Platinum DJ Service

Double Platinum DJ Service will always remain a true small family-owned and operated company. Every stylistic detail and distinctive design you will discover with Double Platinum has been formulated in the minds of owners, Bill & Allison Spindler.

Demand for Double Platinum’s services have continuously increased each year we have been in business. We firmly believe in quality over quantity of events, so keeping DPDJ small is essential to our company.

“As I reflect upon the progress of our business, I believe that Double Platinum’s slow growth is an integral part of our success. We had no prior business experience. We started from nothing, and the only asset we had was our ambition. We’ve made every mistake you could imagine, but the accumulation of knowledge we’ve gained from those circumstances has helped make us the strong, reliable company we are today.” - Bill Spindler, President

Double Platinum’s foundation was built upon the idea of providing a modern type of wedding DJ service. The wedding DJ industry is saturated with cheesy companies and DJs who find it necessary to “interact” in a ridiculous manner at events.

“My priority for our business is to make sure our DJs are looking trendy and sharp every weekend, and to see they treat our weddings with dignity and class.” - Allison Spindler, Owner

Our company has a set a reputation with action, presentation and performance; not words or advertisements. Double Platinum actually does very little advertising. The large majority of our business comes from word of mouth, wedding planners, hall managers, and fellow wedding vendors’ recommendations.

When you strip Double Platinum down to its core, what you’ll find is a deep obsession with music and an affinity for technology.

"I learned from the best. My husband loves what he does and is a very talented man. I could not imagine him doing anything else. We have so much fun planning all different types of weddings. I like to think that my woman’s touch helps to balance everything out.” - Allison Spindler, Owner

"Wedding crowds typically consist of guests from all age groups, with different musical tastes. The key is to find that happy medium where everyone’s entertained and all genres of music are explored throughout the night. This comes with musical knowledge and experience. A DJ can definitely make or break a wedding reception. I’ve loved music and DJing since I can remember, so hiring the right guys to work for us is easy. I can immediately sense a person’s passion. We treat our DJs with respect and pay them well. I consider our team a family.” - Bill Spindler, President

Double Platinum’s loyalty to quality is unmatched, and we will continue to lead the way with industry firsts.

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Bill Spindler - Chicago, IL - 2009

Bill Spindler - Milwaukee, WI - 2014

Bill Spindler - Cancun, Mexico - 2011

Bill Spindler - Miami, FL - 2015

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