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Double Platinum DJ & Up-Lighting Service is different than other wedding services.

Our foundation is built on a classy, non-cheesy, personalized service. We are a wedding entertainment company that has 14+ years experience. We concentrate on the quality of over a quantity of events. We limit ourselves to 3 events per date and we approach all of our events with a modern appearance and theme.

We DJ our events. We do not just stand there and play music. We beat-mix, quick-mix and now offer an optional video mix service. Our mixing is a nice balance. We do not mix in a night club/techno style, but we do not drag each and every song into the next. It's a unique, high-energy style that compliments a wedding environment. We focus on professionalism and good music. "Wedding Music" can be overplayed, but some songs are timeless, crowd pleasers that are must haves. We concentrate on staying perceptive at events, we follow our instincts, the crowd and use our experience from hundreds of weddings proudly served to make all of our dance floors a success.

We will travel, for no additional charge, anywhere in Wisconsin and the Chicago Metro areas.

Music is our passion and motivation.

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Milwaukee DJ Milwaukee DJ
Milwaukee DJ Milwaukee DJ
Milwaukee DJ Milwaukee DJ
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